Former Kingston student ranked number one in Amazon’s Kindle Store

Former Kingston Creative Writing student Louise Voss has achieved self-publishing success, gaining a top download ranking for her eBook, Catch Your Death, in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Using Amazon’s Direct Publishing service, which allows writers to turn their manuscripts into digital books, Louise made her co-written book available for purchase on Kindle devices and Kindle apps.  After eight days in the top 100, Louise’s work is currently the number one download, achieving the slot without being represented by a publishing house.

Louise said ‘It was a collaborative process. A friend designed the digital cover and we made the book available in minutes.’

Priced at £0.94p, Catch Your Death ranks higher than comedian Michael McIntyre’s autobiography Life and Laughing: My Story and eBook mystery writer Gordon Ferris’s, The Hanging Shed, which has sold over 100,000 digital copies from the Kindle Store.

As well as being a top-ranked author, Louise is also now on the staff of Kingston’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences,working as Kingston’s Collegiate Music Administrator.

You can read more about the self-publishing experience from Louise’s co-author, Mark Edwards, blogging at FutureBook.


4 responses to “Former Kingston student ranked number one in Amazon’s Kindle Store

  1. Catana, thanks for commenting. It’s interesting that Mark Edwards himself has commented on the post you share, saying he’s not sure whether the technique worked that well. He even suggests it may have put off more people than it attracted.
    Whatever your opinion about the approach, it’s still a great example of how an individual can reach the top – something which wouldn’t have been possible in the book trade before the advent of self-publishing.

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