Tracking your social worth

Kingston MA Publishing lecturer Anna Faherty recently blogged about The Sunday Times Social List, a new tool for measuring the reach and impact of your social networking activity:

“The Social List may seem like a bit of office fun, giving you an incentive to climb the social wealth ladder from Fledgling to Titan and even rewarding you with badges. But it’s also a useful benchmarking tool, which can help you judge whether your social networking activity is paying off. I may have been listed in the top third of the almost 30,000 people already registered with the site, but I was disappointed to discover I ranked towards the lower end of my own group of contacts. Knowing this might make me reconsider how and why I use social media. Or I might just go and see whether the algorithms of similar services like PeerIndex and Klout place me any higher.

All these services have an added benefit over printed rankings of individuals like the Rich List, of course. Because you – and all the other people using social media – are active all the time, your ranking changes all the time. So next time your colleague asks why you’re wasting so much time on LinkedIn, you might just be able to say, you’re increasing your social worth. And that’s got to have a future return on investment.”

Read the full post at


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