To survive the digital revolution, publishers need a “fundamental shift of attitude”

John B. Thompson is author of the groundbreaking investigation into commercial publishing, Merchants of Culture: the business of publishing in the 21st century, and Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge.

Following a guest lecture  last semester John spoke to Publishing lecturer and blog contributor Judith Watts about the contemporary publishing industry, giving us some fascinating insights into the business, how it works and what needs to change.

In the first of a three part interview, John calls for “a fundamental shift of attitude in the large corporations – the digital revolution will force them to refocus their attention away from top line growth and more on to levels of profitability”.

John’s partner in conversation, Judith Watts, comments:

“John Thompson is an internationally renowned thought leader in the field of publishing and we were delighted to welcome him as our special guest on the MA Evolution of Publishing module.

Our course explores future possibilities for the industry, as as well as looking to past models. John has charted the development of commercial publishing over the past fifty years, and presented his theories which are based on extensive industry research. We were able to discuss key contemporary issues for the business, and how it can move forward.

Anyone wanting to know how publishers can maintain profitability will learn from listening to John’s detailed insights in these videos.”

2 responses to “To survive the digital revolution, publishers need a “fundamental shift of attitude”

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