Student publication flies off the shelves

For the first time in its life, Ripple, the annual Kingston University anthology of student writing, sold out its first print run – on launch night. Managed from concept to publication by MA Publishing and Creative Writing students, and published by Kingston University Press, Ripple 2012 is themed around the idea of ‘a moment in time’.  It is edited by MA Creative Writing student Alex Hales and illustrated by MA Publishing and Creative Writing students Kristin Bergene and Dorin Rufer.

Ripple has previously been managed by volunteers across the MA Publishing and Creative Writing programmes. This year was the first time the editorial, typesetting, page layout and proofreading stages were incorporated into part of a formal module: our Editorial, Production and Design for Publishing option. Participating students were marked on their ability to effectively manage a live project with a limited budget – and an even more demanding schedule – as well as the quality of the finished product.

“I think it’s quite unique for a university to be able to have a little compendium of its students’ work in such a way that it’s created by the students for the students – and anyone who has good taste! I just think it’s a great thing to be a part of and I’m very happy to have had the opportunity.”

Philippa Sitters, MA Publishing student

A dedicated marketing team has worked hard to promote the book on and off campus, organising a successful launch event and publishing online videos about the contributors and their writing.

“Each year Ripple attracts hundreds of entries and selects exciting new writing from the student body. Any professional publishing project like this demands tireless enthusiasm, as well as a wide-range of hands-on skills. The Editorial, Production, Design and Sales team this year have taken this combination to new levels – and the fact we are reprinting already is testament to both the quality of the content, and the dedication of the student team who worked so hard to produce it.”

 Judith Watts, Lecturer in Publishing

Watch some of the writers share their inspiration and writing tips – and read their work:

Watch the production team talk about their experiences and what they learned:

Ripple 2012 (ISBN 978-1-899999-37-8) is published by Kingston University Press at a retail price of £5.00. To order a copy of the reprint email:

You can watch more Inside Ripple 2012 videos on our YouTube channel.


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