The amazing disappearing book

Would you buy a book that disappears two months after you open it? That’s the drastic marketing tactic being used by independent Argentinian publishing house Eterna Cadencia with their recent ‘The Book That Can’t Wait’ launch. It’s an interesting twist on the idea that ebooks can disappear from ereaders if you have merely loaned them – or, more famously, if the publisher and Amazon decide to remove them without warning.

It’s a great PR trick too, which is no surpise since it was actually dreamed up by advertising agency Draftfcb, who have just won a Gold Cannes Lions PR Award for their efforts. Here’s a video promoting their approach to getting people to read brand new authors:

Full marks for PR brilliance then, but this wouldn’t work for me. As they say in the film, the books in my house are ‘very patient objects’. If they disappeared in a couple of months, I’d never get around to reading anything…


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