Kingston illustrator wins prizes from major publishers

It looks like Kingston University illustrator Lorna Scobie is set to be one of publishing’s rising stars. Not only did she win the digital Macmillan Prize for her picture book app concept earlier this year, she also picked up second prize in the children’s category of the 2012 Penguin Design Award. As if that wasn’t enough, the sharp-eyed creative folk at It’s Nice That have picked Lorna out as one of just a dozen 2012 graduates they consider as “the most exciting in new talent emerging from UK universities”.

Lorna’s children’s book Bradley won the digital category of the Macmillan Prize, which rewards “fun and imaginative” e-book concepts where interaction enhances the reading experience.

Bradley explores the themes of concealed and unrecognised talents.Writing on Kingston’s Faculty of Art and Design website, Lorna says:

“Bradley’s literal glow in the dark qualities go unnoticed until a darker threat begins to emerge. The story has been designed to work as both a traditional printed book with pages that glow when held under the covers, and as a digital book. The concept for the digital version is to utilise the ability of an iPad to sense light levels, and to respond accordingly to help reveal Bradley’s secret.”

Lorna’s award-winning jacket design for Grimm’s Fairy Tales was described by Puffin’s Art Director Anna Bilson as “a deceptively simple cover which will instantly attract adults and children alike”.

Given that Pufffin author David Almond admired the wolf’s “nice dark claws and teeth”, it may not be a surprise that Lorna’s work often involves creatures rather than humans. In fact, It’s Nice That described her as having “a particularly acerbic knack for characterising animals”.





You can see more of Lorna’s work at


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