Meet our new student blog editors

The Kingston Publishing Blog isn’t just a way for staff and students to share news about Kingston University and their views on industry developments with a wide audience. Every year it also provides our MA students with an opportunity to develop their own publishing skills and gain valuable professional experience by taking on the role of editor.

This year our two blog editors are Bonie Cristal Dos Santos and Christina Kelly. Following in the footsteps of last year’s editor Ben Hewitt, each will be taking the reins for a number of months. Bonie has already made her mark by blogging about one of our recent Masterclasses.

Bonie Cristal Dos Santos will act as Kingston Publishing Blog editor until early 2013.

“I come from Brazil and, like every MA Publishing student, am passionate about books. I’m especially interested in language teaching material and children’s publishing, but also like to be well informed about new digital publishing models.

As Kingston Publishing blog editor for the following months, I hope to gain a better understanding of the industry as well as promote useful and interesting content amongst students and professionals.”

Christina Kelly will take over as Kingston Publishing Blog editor in spring 2013.


“I’m thrilled to hold the position of editor for the Kingston University Publishing MA Blog. Hailing from Long Island, New York, I’m currently enrolled in the Publishing and Creative Writing Master’s programme at Kingston.”


Both students receive  bursaries in return for their work on the blog. These are just two of many opportunities Kingston provide for students to boost their professional skills while also receiving discounts off their course fees.


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