Kingston illustrator wins Royal Television Society Award

Kingston University illustration animation graduate Alicja Jasina has won the Royal Television Society’s undergraduate animation award.


Alicja’s short film The Light Bulb focuses on the process of creating a short film and follows the fictional challenges faced by a student, voiced by Alicja herself, dealing with constant interruptions and suggestions from a group of tutors as she strives to stick to her original concept and create some simple footage of a stickman changing a light bulb.

“I think it’s important not to lose your voice and not to follow others’ critiques blindly and I tried to capture the essence of that in my film,” she explained. “That’s very much what my own lecturers at Kingston University instilled in me – to be open to feedback from other people but, at the same time, be brave enough to stay true to my own ideas and follow them through. I hope The Light Bulb inspires artists to brainstorm more intensely, be dynamic about the creative process and to not hesitate to go back to the drawing board when it might be necessary, even if that might seem painful.”

Alicja’s other short films include Random House, in which a library comes to life:


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