Is everyone now a publisher?

Join us on 28th March 2015 to find out what options are on offer for writers today – and how to make the most of them.

We are really looking forward to our conference on publishing at the end of this month. The publishing landscape is changing so fast at the moment that we have arranged a day where writers can all pause and take stock, understand the trends and plan their future writing and publishing. The day itself will be packed with opportunities to hear about and discuss the many new options currently open to authors – and how to benefit from them.

We keep hearing that writers need to embrace new ways of thinking and working. Our one day course will give you an update and spring board for the choices that have to be made. Writers at all stages of their writing career are welcome. There will be practical guidance on how to think about preparing your material for publication – what to do and in what order, and how much time and money to allocate. You will also have the chance to make key connections and gather a support network that will be highly valuable to you in future – and help you sustain your creative practice.

In one place on one day, we have put together a significant panel of thinkers and practitioners from around the publishing industry – including Michael Bhaskar (publisher and author of The Content Machine), literary agent Andrew Lownie, The Alliance of Independent Authors, Diego Marano of Kobo, Gareth Howard of Authoright, Justine Solomons of Byte the Book, Anna Lewis of Completely Novel, and Laura Summers of Book Machine. The event will be chaired by Dr Alison Baverstock of Kingston’s Publishing MA.

So you can make the most of your time the price includes refreshments throughout the day (including lunch) and a free copy of The Naked Author (price £15). To attend you need to book – check out the special discounts here
Look forward to seeing you on the 28th!


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