2016 Masterclass Line Up

We are delighted to host another season of publishing industry speakers. These sessions are thought-provoking and inspirational for anyone in the business of reading and writing. The Masterclasses run on Tuesdays, start at 6 and usually end around 7.30 are there is a lively Q&A opportunity. Venue: Kingston University, Penrhyn Road campus in the JG building room 1004. You will find a warm welcome.

4th October 2016: Michael Bhaskar, Canelo Publishing
Is curation the new word for publishing? The launch of ‘Curation: The power of selection in a world of excess’ (copies will be available for purchase)
11th October 2016: Ziyad Marrar, Sage Publishing
Publishing innovations in a world of big data
18th October 2016 Ben Galley My experience as a self-published author
25th October 2016: Genevieve Clarke, The Reading Agency Making reading happen

The programme takes a break on 1st November

8th November 2016: Gordon Wise, Literary agent
The role of the literary agent in today’s publishing landscape
15th November 2016: Laura Summers, Book Machine
Hurrah for Publishing events! An essential guide to event success
22nd November 2016: Alastair Horne, Press Futurist
Digital: the last (and next) five years

29th November 2016: Nicola Solomon, Chief Executive of The Society of Authors
The business of writing – you and the Society of Authors
6th December 2016: Jo Howard, Careers Consultant, Mosaic
A strategic approach to building your career
13th December 2016: Nigel Newton, Founder and Chief Executive. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Setting up a publishing company. How we did it


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